As long as the pandemic is keeping everyone isolated, we will have ongoing rounds of the Isolation Game. There will be a new round once or twice a week so check back here, Instagram, or Facebook every couple of days in order to stay up to date on what the current contest is. The winner of each round will be awarded 5 points (3 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd). At the end of this pandemic, the individual with the most points will win a choice between 3 prizes:

1. Free meal with us at a restaurant of your choice in Brewton (maybe even outside of Brewton, depending).

2. Two hours of videos games at my house (selection of Sega, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

3. Mystery Surprise. It's a surprise.

NOTE: For future rounds you will need cardboard rolls of toilet paper or paper towels so save those empty rolls up! Also you will need an empty half gallon milk/juice jug (though a full gallon might work too).

  • Round 1: Tiny toy

    Send a picture of the smallest complete toy in your house (not just a piece) to 256-694-0974 or The winner of this round will be announced in the next youth Wednesday video. If there are duplicate toys then the tie goes to whomever sent it in first. The toy does not have to be your own.
    The winning entry was a toy cupcake!

  • Round 2: Fortress

    Send a picture of the most epic fortress you can make to 256-694-0974 or I made mine from a couch and some chairs. A panel of three judges will decide the winner on Sunday based upon things like creativity, ingenuity, and difficulty.
    The winning entry was a fortress of sticks and tarps with a functional outdoor kitchen!

  • round 3: Creature Critter Capture

    Find the most exotic and strange-looking creature on your property. Lizard, Velvet ant, pink flamingo? Watcha got? Turn in photos by the end of Wednesday for the panel of judges to decide which is the most peculiar.
    The winner was this creepy spider!

  • Round 4: Jug CHug

    Fill a 20 oz. container (preferably clear) with water. Drink it as fast as you can and send in the video after your first attempt. Make sure that the video shows your full container prior to drinking it.

  • round 5: let's get some shoes

    How many pairs of shoes do you have? Send in a picture of all your shoes. That includes boots, slippers, and sandals. Whoever has the most wins!

    The record was 29 pairs!

  • Round 6: Trick shot!

    Send in a video of your best trick shot from any sport! We are looking for something that is difficult and looks cool.
    The winner ricocheted a ball off a wall in a shed to a bucket under a table.

  • Round 7: Somethin' fishy

    Go fishing by Tuesday and send in a picture of your largest catch next to a ruler (so I know the length). Biggest fish wins.

    The winning fish was nearly 3 feet long! Way to go!

  • Round 8: Get Pwned

    Text or call 256-694-0974 to set up a time to come by 2022 Sowell Road. There will be a TV and Xbox with Halo 3 set up on the back porch connected to another Xbox by system link. It's a one on one duel with the youth director! Whoever has the best kill/death ratio wins this challenge!

    Best record was 11 kills against me.

  • Round 9: lego master

    Show us how creative you are! Get your legos and built something fantastic! A panel of 3 judges will determine our favorite on Wednesday the 13th.

    Check out the winner in this picture!

  • round 10: Wiping is an art

    You may not have known this, but you are an artist. Now, utilize your newfound artistic side to craft a wonderful work of art using only empty toilet paper rolls (paper towel rolls work as well) and adhesive! Put Leonardo da Vinci to shame.


R. L.     - 19

r. E. L. - 13
I. M.     -13

D. S.    - 10

R. L.    - 6

L. M.    -3

H. H.   - 1
R. L.     -1